Q1) What is YourChain?

A1) YourChain is a fully decentralized, extensible, hyper-distributed, peer-to-peer blockchain protocol for DApps.


Q2) What are YourChain strengths and unique technological innovations?

A2) The MicroChain makes the vision of YourChain a reality.  No more will verification of the blockchain be dependent on full nodes downloading and maintaining the entire chain.  Each individual using YourChain will be a MicroNode hosting and maintaining their own MicroChain.  The MicroChain is a small subset of the entire blockchain.  These MicroNodes work in unison to ensure the cohesive state of the YOURChain network.


Q3) How many members are there in the team and what are their background?

A3) We are currently expanding the YourChain development team.  We currently have Java and C++ devs bringing the YourChain vision into reality. The team has a good mix of experience, knowledge and drive to ensure the success of YOURChain.


Q4) Who founded YourChain? When was YourChain developed?

A4) YourChain was started out of the necessity to create a platform for the people and by the people without the interference of centralized foundations, corporations, or cooperatives. YourChain project was started in April 2017 and scheduled to be fully operational in November 2017.

Q5) Is YourChain an Open-source project?

A5) Yes, YourChain is an open source project. The source code for YourChain will be available for review and download from the website.


Q6) What is the token name and token type for YourChain?

A6) YourChain is currently a Ethereum token with a token symbol of “URHOC”.  Soon, YourChain will move over onto its own independent chain with a new token symbol of “URS”.


Q7) Do token holders get dividends?

A7) Token holders will receive tx fees from the network based on Proof-of-Stake (POS) method.


Q8) Does YourChain have a wallet? What type of wallet is that?

A8) YourChain will have its own wallet and client once the project is completed.  There are also plans for a mobile wallet for both Android and IOS.

Q9) Will there be a token sale?

A9) There will NOT be a token sale. Tokens have been airdropped earlier and the airdrop was completed in May 2017.


Q10) How many tokens are there and how were they distributed?

A10) The maximum circulation is 1 billion tokens.  102 million tokens were distributed during the airdrop. Rest of the tokens will be distributed based on the token distribution table found in the white paper.


Q11) Will there be a token swap to the YourChain Blockchain?

A11) Yes, there will be a token migration event (swap) when the YourChain network goes live. The ERC20 tokens will be swapped for tokens issued on YourChain known as URS.


Q12) Which exchanges have listed YourChain Token?

A12) There are currently no exchanges listing YourChain tokens.  We will work closely with the exchanges and community to explore listing YourChain Tokens in the near future.

Q13) Who is responsible for the future development and ongoing maintenance for YourChain?

A13) The core YourChain development team will be building a fully functioning core structure which includes all the features based on the Blockchain Roadmap consensus. We will incrementally add features based on the community’s requests. External developers will be able to refer to our reference documents to understand how to build on top of YourChain and to further develop YourChain based on their own requirements.

The future development and maintenance of YourChain will be the responsibility of the YourChain core development team. We have set aside a budget for this purpose.


Q14) What are the future plans for YourChain?

A14) The future plans for YourChain is to continue the vision and ideology behind the original cryptocurrency movement. We will also add new features to YourChain along the way to make YourChain the premier blockchain for DApps.