Blockchain with

breakthrough features

The Next-Generation Fully Decentralized, Extensible, Hyper-Distributed,

Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Protocol for DApps

A Platform of the People, by the People for the People




YOURChain is a multi-dimensional blockchain, it is partitioned (sharded) by design thus culminates a network of coordinated and parallel blockchains. This unique design presents the opportunity to deploy smart contracts on an independent blockchain and networks without necessarily verifying execution on a single monolithic blockchain. The need for a node to completely sync is ultimately over.


YOURChain operates via a sharded “Microchain” premise where nodes are not required to replicate the entire blockchain. Multiple independent nodes coalesce their chain states to form a unified chain state. This set the stage for a revolutionary breakthrough in blockchain technology. MicroChain is the FUTURE!

Extensible, Hyper-Distributed, Peer-to-Peer Blockchain
The YOURChain cryptoverse is powered by URVM (Universal Redundant Virtual Machine). URVM establish the ecosystem with the capacity to become “hyper-distributed” while maintaining performance costs and network requirements low. This quantum leap eradicates common barriers thus encouraging more developers to embrace YOURChain cryptoverse.


The URVM concept enables multiple, ultra-lightweight nodes to function in tandem or in singularity based on the hardware specifications and user preferences. URVM technology can achieve unrivaled throughput, availability, and response time, which will surpass modern day payment, clearing, and settlement systems.

Synchronous, Modular, Massively Parallel Language

for Smart Contracts

YOURChain actualizes a new paradigm for smart contract assembly. This advance framework allows developers to create contracts based fully or partially on existing, visible contracts on the network. In the sharded cryptoverse, a MicroChain and its associated contracts are available and identified based on the MicroChain’s namespace.


These namespaces offer the ability to group and deploy sets of contracts according to their components, function, and mutual requirements. The massively parallel design of the smart contract ecosystem enables YOURChain to automatically, formally verify every line of code. This is a feat that no other existing smart contract platform can lay claim. YOURChain is the premier blockchain for smart contracts!